Bring me into all your imperfectly perfect moments. The ones bursting of emotion, love, honesty, laughter, and genuine connection. I am captivated by the love you share on your wedding day, my heart warms watching you laugh with your children, and there is a fire inside me that lights up as I witness your story unfold. I crave the moments we both forget we’re even there. I am so happy that you found me and I can’t wait to be a part of creating lifelong memories for you and your beautiful family. 

“Awaken to the gift of life steeped in golden rays of sun. Be healed by the light. Be transformed in love”
-Steffany Barton,RN

“Cari provides a great experience for photos. She creates a casual environment while making sure her shots are professional. She guides you through the session and provides opportunities for input. She is timely in her work. You will want to put every photo in your home!”


Choose your investment.
Create your story.
Capture your memories.

“Cari not only took beautiful photos to document the most important day in my life so far, but she also was the only one who kept me calm, the one who was with me for each step that day, and the one who made me feel the most comfortable in my own skin on a day where everyone was looking at me. My day would not have been the same without her!”

Let 's Connect

Let’s build a connection that inspires us both! 

“My pictures are so beautiful. They definitely made me cry a lot… and laugh a lot too. When you see Cari’s photos, you cannot help…but relive those imprints of life.”